Investing in our External link opens in new tab or windowExtraordinary Life Sanctuary, one seed, one path, one verse at a time for Restoration - Inspiration - Exploration!

LATEST UPDATE: Revealing the names of our 7 Paths to bless and encourage you!

Path 1: Abundance Blvd
Path 2: Thanksgiving Way
Path 3: Grace Avenue
Path 4: Glory Road
Path 5: Agape Lane
Path 6: Salvation Drive
Path 7: Victory Circle
(Each path will have 7 signs with Bible verses.)
The more we saturate our minds with God's Word to know Him more intimately, the more He births within the zeal and desire to share and celebrate what we learn. Since coming to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior over 24 years ago, our creative ability interwoven with our purpose continues to evolve and overflow in this one-of-a-kind mission. If you haven't read our External link opens in new tab or windowvision and mission, in a nutshell, it's all about sharing the richness of God's Good News with everyone. Our prayer garden mission began over 17 years ago and has been used in a wonderful way to engage others in nature and God's Word as you walk throughout. We hope to have all seven paths completed by SUMMER. (Note: Prayer garden is by appointment only from SUMMER to FALL.)

If the Lord lays it on your heart, please keep our mission in your prayers.

If you would like to donate part of a path or its entirety reach out to us.

PHASE ONE:  COMPLETED! Build a bridge to connect both sides of the garden with Wisconsin landscaping while conserving the land's natural resources and beauty.

PHASE TWO:  COMPLETED! Welcome Area with Inspirational Art Work, Benches, and Sitting Area in main garden area

SPRINT 2024!

PHASE THREE: Create 7 PATHS with customized scripture signs (7 needed for each path at $65ea.)

PHASE FOUR: Veteran's and First Responder's Path of Honor and Remembrance (A place to honor their names in gratitude, and pray for those who served and are serving.)

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or would like to donate a bench, table, large rocks, etc.

Would you be interested in helping with time, energy, or expertise to prepare the garden? Contact us today!

-OR- If God motivates you to support and donate any amount towards a garden phase please click below:

FIRST ARTICLE WRITTEN ABOUT OUR MISSION and how it's being fulfilled!External link opens in new tab or window READ HERE!!!

"When a bridge connects generosity and gratitude, it leads to amazing places." -Maria Lopez

FIRST UPDATE: We are so excited to share our Prayer Garden updates with you!

External link opens in new tab or windowExtraordinary Life Sanctuary has been our heart project and a source of renewal for many. With our first youth retreat hosted in 2009 and countless life enrichment retreat days and FAITH-BUILDING workshops since then, we pray to continue to enrich and offer this one-of-a-kind resource of sharing God's amazing hope, love, and truth with all!

You may have participated in one of our enrichment days or retreats, taken some time to visit and walk through our gardens, or supported our mission in some way - THANK YOU!

For the last few years, we have urgently needed to update our gardens to make them more accessible and senior-friendly. The garden is for everyone; however, we want to be sure our precious seniors can maneuver through them safely, especially with the growing work Maria continues to do through her teaching and mentoring women of all ages.

One of the most significant needs is to build a bridge in the garden's center to connect both sides. AND... the good news is that after five years in waiting, God motivates hearts and minds to enable us to move forward with the bridge! In a nutshell, the story of the bridge is ... One day, a friend informed me that she had asked her husband if he would build a much-needed bridge in the prayer garden and he said yes! Wanting to support my life enrichment ministry . "You would just have to provide the supplies," she said.

You can imagine my surprise and extreme excitement! I quickly said a silent prayer; Lord, we have the builder; now we only need the materials. There is no way, You would provide a builder and no supplies. Around the same time, another friend was approached and asked by a local pastor how they could bless and thank me for the ministry I had been doing with many of the women from their church fellowship and community. She informed him that I had been praying for a bridge. He prayed about it and asked the church leadership if they would support this idea of blessing by helping toward the bridge project.

Are you kidding?! This is so amazing, and the super-duper awesomeness of the ways of God continues to blow my mind! He then approached my husband about the idea, but needed to figure out who would build it. Little did they know, God had already chosen the builder... We eventually connected the gifts of generosity and gratitude, and we will soon have a bridge in the prayer garden!!! "When a bridge connects generosity and gratitude, it leads to amazing places."

-OR- If God motivates you to support and donate any amount towards a garden phase please click below:
Investment Sponsor $1 - $999
Inspirational Sponsor $1000 - $2999
Influential Sponsor - $3000 - $4999
Impact Sponsor - $5000 or more
***All names will be placed on a WALL OF GRATITUDE in the garden unless given anonymously, or you want your name anonymous.